why i own a backhoe (2014)

to all the backhoe haters out there

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love u


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29 Comments to why i own a backhoe (2014)

  1. Agent Moon says:

    I would love to hear what you might have to say about moving back to a rural zone after living in the city/ at boost house, etc. Would you say that it was challenging, refreshing, isolating, good, bad?

  2. Oh captain, how do I own a backhoe in my life?

  3. Tsandy12 says:

    what was that song at the end?

  4. My A-Level English teacher showed us a video of yours and I've watched a bunch more of your videos and I'm really enjoying them. Thanks for doing what you're doing.

  5. Gary Gehiere says:

    The first song is "I Believe In Fitness" from the Pain & Gain Soundtrack. Great soundtrack! 

  6. He said hoe. Sexist pig. Die cis scum

  7. kirk flood says:

    nice slowed down papa roach hahahaha

  8. Wondershare says:

    Steve I feel this is your 'rebirth' video. 

  9. Steve – Please please unprivate STOP PRETENDING IT'S BORING TO BE ALIVE.

  10. i watched this a 2nd time and just realized you bleeped all the swears hahaha

  11. Tina Ryan says:

    that sound you make at around 0:38 is impossible to transcribe – wonder where it originated from

  12. XKaffe says:

    your bleeps missed their mark slightly and heard bad words 10/10

  13. Sam Weinberg says:

    Honestly I haven't been enjoying the last few videos that much, but I fell like this one is really getting back to what I love about Steve's work. Keep it up

  14. Yarbs ter says:

    YesssSSSS STEEEEVE!!! 

  15. Stopdrop says:

    gr8 job, this one reminds me of kyle mooney's stuff

  16. I think this is your best one in over a month. I liked this one a lot. The others were pretty good too mostly, I just think this is better. just an opinion though. BOOST

  17. I love how the "relevant" videos youtube is offering me over there on the right have to do with backhoes and trenches.  Is backhoe slang for a ho that allows you to use both of her trenches?  Backhoe loader  lol

  18. Zeb Money says:

    v SAT vocabularie.. or should I say lexicon.. (clandestine, maven for all those lil learners) 

  19. i really love how you're fucking with yr own "formula" as established in 2012-13
    this is the right thing to be doing imo

  20. Dream Train says:

    I like to feel cement too

  21. Arya Gilson says:

    love you steven, keep up the good work

  22. Aaron Godwin says:

    i never knew the advantages of owning a backhoe 

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