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Following an accident, you probably will be involved in property damage issues, the repair or the replacement of your vehicle. There are two sources of compensation you are going to want to look to, your own insurance company and the insurance company of the negligent driver.


David Ricks of the Inland Empire Law Group talks how to recover property damage after an accident has occured. David H. Ricks provides legal services in the following personal injury practice areas: Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Pedestrian, and Cyclist Accident Cases
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Following an accident, one of the things that a person is going to be involved in is, a property damage issue. And that is the repair and or replacement of ones car. You are going to want to look at two different sources for compensation that, and one may be your insurance company and the other might be the insurance company of the person who caused the accident, assuming that it is someone other than yourself. If you have insurance coverage that covers your car, which is called Comprehensive Coverage, you can turn directly to your insurance company and ask them to fix your car, regardless of fault for the accident. And this is a nice thing to have because then you don’t have to fight with the other side to get your car repaired or replaced. So that is comprehensive coverage with your insurance company. Whatever they pay out on your behalf, even if it is the other persons fault, they will go to the other insurance company and get reimbursed, so its really nothing to worry about on your end. Some people worry about, well how is that going to affect my insurance rates, and things of that nature. As long as its not your fault its not going to affect you. The other source is from the other persons insurance company, and that tends to take a little longer, because one of the things that the insurance company is going to want to look at, who is fault, and they might try to attribute some of that fault to you, things of that nature. They may not want to pay you what you want for the car, or if they have to replace it and things of that nature. But generally, in a situation where the accident is clearly the other persons fault, that process goes along fairly smoothly, either to have the car repaired, or replaced, or I should say have the value of the car replaced to you. And this is a whole other story of how to value your car. But, you are going to look at those two sources, your own insurance company or the insurance company of the person who caused the accident for the purpose of getting your car repaired or replaced.


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