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Buy Trucks – For Sale: 2011 Ford F150 Ecoboost Parkside Ford Lincoln Winnipeg Manitoba $32,999 #DodgeTrucks #FordTrucks #GMCTrucks – for sale

Today we have an fantastic work truck indeed, This is a 2011 Ford F150 Ecoboost. The miliage on this vehicle is approx 82000 kilometers. This particular one has the Ecoboost engine, Same enegine in the Taurus SHO but modified for truck needs, This engine puts out 365 Horsepower and 420 lb/ft of torque. Please Contact Terry Turbo at: or call 204-339-2000 and ask for Terry Turbo, Thanks for checking out the video for the 2011 Ford F150 Ecoboost! source #FordTrucks #DogeTrucks #RamTrucks #Trucks #GMC