The Truth and Treatment of Leucoderma

Today, June 25th, marks World Vitiligo Day, aimed at raising awareness about the disease. Vitiligo affects roughly 100 million people worldwide and almost 2 million in the US. It’s not contagious or fatal, but scientists are unsure of what causes it. What is Vitilig Vitiligo is a patchy loss of skin coloring (pigmentation). The average age of onset of vitiligo is in the mid-twenties, but it can appear at any age. 95 percent of people with vitiligo have been diagnosed before reaching age forty. It tends to progress over time,Read More

Ten Truths about Migraines | HealthLynked

June is Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, a dedicated time for migraine specialists and other health care providers, patient advocates and the migraine community to unite their voices to advocate for migraine recognition and treatment. The 2018 theme is “You Are Not Alone,” and it reminds people living with migraine that more than 37 million other people empathize and can feel their pain. My wife routinely gets headaches that might level a normal human. While she still keeps going as if nothing is happening, I say this, not because IRead More

Top Certified Pre-Owned Deals for June 2018 According to Autotrader – shared by BuyTrucks.ca

ATLANTA, June 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — As car shoppers are enjoying warmer temperatures across the country, automakers are enticing the market with certified pre-owned deals. Start your summer shopping off strong, as these offers could help those looking to buy for dads or grads this month. “Automakers continue to make it more attractive and affordable for car shoppers to purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle,” said Brian Moody, executive editor for Autotrader. “It isn’t just the warranty that makes CPO programs so good, they also tend to offer additional perks and benefitsRead More