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1990 Mazda B2200- Busted Knuckles: The Phoenix

In mythology, the phoenix is a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates or is reborn. When you ask about Scott Refice’s Mazda project, he refers to it as The Phoenix, because at one point it was a full custom show truck. But once Scott purchased it, he decided to give it new life. Scott got into vehicles when he was around 13 years old. While living next door to a muscle car owner, he gradually became close to him and started to learn mechanics. “I’ve learned everything I know from hands-onRead More

Edmonton Alberta Trucks | 2018 Ford F-150 – Review and Road Test

Edmonton Alberta Trucks

Words in video Below for People who can not hear the video If you think modern full-size pickup trucks are big and dumb you’re only partly right. Case in point, this F-150. It might be big but it is not dumb. Quite the contrary Ford has approached this generation F-150 as a literal test bed, switching its bed and cabs construction from steel to lightweight aluminum helping improve fuel economy and performance. Inside the aluminum body is a seriously functional cabin. The seats are comfortable and supportive, the armrests areRead More