Top Health care apps of 2018

My former Academy roommate had a brain tumor – an Oligodendroglioma, to be exact. The operation to remove it was a remarkable success. He was in fantastic hands at the major cancer center caring for him….and his family. Weakened by the cancer and the operation, while at home, he fell and injured the other side of his brain opposite the tumor. When I first saw him post operation, he was trying to come out the resultant coma and could not speak. In the weeks and months that followed, speech returnedRead More

Life Hack Academy Road Trip Life Hacks | EcoSport | Ford – #FordMotorCompany #news and #Videos

Road trips can be a pain if you are not prepared for the unexpected. Make the most of your road trips with these hacks! *2018 EcoSport First-Ever U.S./Canada markets. Learn more about the first-ever 2018 Ford EcoSport* here: Discover more Ford EcoSport videos here: SUBSCRIBE: Connect with Ford: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Ford Social: About Ford: The official YouTube channel for Ford Motor Company. Subscribe for weekly videos showcasing our vehicles, innovation and stories that inspire you to go further. Our videos areRead More