Spinal Cord Injury: My Story & Timeline


I made this video to publicize the importance of what drunk driving and getting into cars with complete strangers could result in. I was a completely functional & healthy person, and that all changed November 15th of 2014. I unfortunately became a paraplegic, somebody paralyzed in one half and functional in another, because I bruised my spinal cord in the car accident, and now the messages from my brain that go down into the brain stem can’t surpass the spinal-cord, meaning there’s a “roadblock” and my brain can’t mobilize or control anything underneath my chest, or T6. I took walking and movement for granted just like anybody else would, and now I don’t have that ability. This could happen to anyone, treat everyday like it’s your last & take caution with everything you do. Stay safe.


Outline In Color – I’ve had this dream before
Kurt Shneider & Austin Percario Cover of Fix You by Coldplay
Yiruma- A River Flows in You
Yiruma – Love me
Yiruma – If I could see you again
Yiruma – Kiss the Rain


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