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Pius Joseph Esq. is a practicing attorney in the Pasadena, California area who has the experience as a trial lawyer for over 20 years. Mr. Joseph works on major accidents cases and represents clients from the United States and internationally. Mr. Joseph is experienced as a trial lawyer and he has successfully won many cases in every major county in California. Mr. Joseph works with a team to prepare his clients for trial and he pays personal attention to each client. Clients have won favorable settlements due to the training, teamwork and experience of the proactive staff lead by Mr. Joseph.

The firm has an excellent record for winning all types of cases. They have successfully won over 90 percent of their cases. They handle everything from personal injury, business litigation, immigration, criminal defense, wrongful death cases and product liability, along with wage and hour cases.

Mr. Joseph has argued cases in the United States Federal Courts and the California Court of Appeals. In 2000, Mr. Joseph was honored by being listed in the “Who is Who in Executives and Professionals.” The firm believes that a successful practice takes hard work to achieve the greatest results for each client. As a team, they do not give up easily and know dedication to the clients along with fierce litigation is what wins the cases.

A large part of Mr. Joseph’s law firm team handles personal injury cases. Each case is different and each case has its own unique issues that need to be handled with personal attention. Personal injury does not mean just injury to the body, but it also means injury to the person’s state of mind and feelings. The law firm team handles victims from serious catastrophic accidents of all types. Automobile accidents, motorcycle and construction accidents can cause a person to have severe injuries, lose time at work and accumulate large medical bills.

The firm also represents clients in slip and fall accidents, dog bites, professional malpractice and product defect cases. Victims who have received injuries due to the negligence of others or from product failure can all be assured of great representation from Mr. Joseph’s law firm. The law firm also has experience in handling business litigation suits where there has been breach of fiduciary duty in contract matters, fraud, unlawful business practices and contract disputes. As an experienced law firm, they can handle both plaintiffs and defendants in business litigation actions.

Working together as a team, the firm maintains a strong criminal defense practice. They have successfully brought several motions and trials to a triumphant end in many different types of cases. The team has also been successful in getting records expunged, sealed or vacated even after convictions. The firm of Mr. Joseph can defend clients charged with misdemeanors or felonies in any kind of criminal act.

Wrongful death accidents cover all types of accidents where someone has lost their life due to the negligence of another person. The victim’s family would be in need of an experienced attorney like those in the firm of Mr. Joseph, to protect their rights. An experienced attorney would make sure the family is compensated for the loss of support, companionship and the victim’s pain and suffering. It does not matter if it was a car accident, motorcycle accident or any other kind of accident. If negligence from another person was the factor for the victim’s death, the family should be compensated. The firm will represent non-negligence cases as well as victims of negligence.

The law firm of Mr. Joseph and his team works with clients who are in need of legal advice and representation against big insurance companies and in the courts. If you or any member of your family is in need of legal services, for any kind of problem, call the law office of Mr. Pius Joseph at 626-765-3625, for a consultation on your case.


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