Hot Patch Environmentally Friendly Asphalt Heater

Truck Utilities proudly presents the Hot Patch asphalt heater by Five D Industries. The unit manufactured in Tomahawck, WI uses the excess heat from your Truck’s engine to warm your asphalt mixture to a workable temperature. The system supplies engine coolant to a heat exchanger making it a closed loop system. On the other side of the heat exchanger coolant mixture is circulated through the steel insert and the heat is transferred to your asphalt mixture.

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By using the engine’s excess heat the unit does not need external fuels, such as propane, or extra heat sources like exhaust (using exhaust to heat dump body beds for this purpose is also illegal in most states). It also does not require you to haul a trailer to heat your mixture.

The Hot Patch heater does not make your dump body exclusive use either. The insert is easily removable with a fork lift. Many contractors find that heating their salt sand mixture in their snow removal season reduces chunks, and auger binding. Also, when using hot mix the spread applies better. Use the Spread it Hot feature to get many uses out of the Hot Patch Insert.

The ergonomic shovel platform and lift gate puts your scoop in an ergonomically better position for shoveling. This reduces strain on your crews and helps reduce asphalt related workplace injuries. The lift gate can lift 800 lbs of tires, debris, scrap and what ever else you might need. but the low lift height makes it the ideal helping hand for back breaking work.

The insert fits into any length dump box and any height dump box. Using the dump box keeps the scooping material like sand, asphalt, and salt flowing towards the back of the truck so you can work with it.


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