Grilling A Normal Sized Steak – Fries And Watermelon Side

Grilling A Normal Sized Steak - Fries And Watermelon Side

I see on all the cooking shows people grilling these monster thick steaks always trying to out do each other. I don’t usually eat like that and I assume there are others out there that feel the same as I do. This is how I grill my normal sized just because it’s a Wednesday steak.


1 Steak (approximately 1/2″ to 3/4″ thick)


Get your coals hot. I get mine around 500°F + in a basket just under the grill grate. The closer the better. Trim any excess fat from your meat. Ya, it makes it look bigger but that fat just falls in your grill and gums it up. It also encourages flare ups which can quickly and easily ruin a steak if left unattended. I know this from experience.

Rub the steak with oil to help prevent sticking, salt and pepper to taste (or use any seasoning you prefer) than toss on the hot grill directly over the coals. For medium rare (my preference) you will leave for 1 minute, turn, 1 minute, flip, 1 minute, turn, 1 minute remove from heat. Let rest for about 10 minutes. If you cut into your steak too soon you risk releasing all the moisture from the meat. The moisture needs time to reabsorb into the meat and the reward is worth the wait.

For rare reduce times by half.
For medium increase times by 30 seconds.
For medium well increase times by 1 minute.
For well done increase times by 1 minute 30 seconds.

Personal notes:

Buying in bulk saves you money. Meat is no exception. I couldn’t tell you the last time I bought just one or two steaks (that’s half true, on occasion something does call out at me when browsing the markets). I prefer getting an entire loin, or an entire rib roast, or an entire side of NY. If you cut your own steaks at home you will save lots of money in comparison. Some things that I have noticed, this may not be true in every region but the big box stores seem to have a lesser quality meat than your regular chain mid grade grocery store. Costco in my area has always had a quality of meat that is just a little better than Sam or Bjs. It is worth every extra penny spent in my opinion with some exception. When picking your meat check for pliability, it should be flexible, not stiff. Expiration dates don’t seem to matter much as long as it’s still within date. Looking for one that is a month out isn’t going to be any better than one that is only a week out. Cut your steaks to size, eat whatever trims are left immediately and cryovac or double wrap with as little air as possible, date, label and freeze any steaks you don’t intend to eat within a day or two.

If you eat steak once a week or twice a month I think this effort is well worth what you save. I spend around $115 on average for a nice sizes rib roast, when I am done cutting it into Delmonicos I’ll have around 16 steaks. If I were to purchase those same steaks pre cut at the grocery store I would spend on average $12 a steak. $12 x 16(steaks) = $192 – $115 = $77(savings).

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Equipment I use/recommend:
Oklahoma Joe Offset Smoker-
USB Fan For Phone (for stoking charcoal)-
Pit Boss Kamado-
Aura Outdoors Cast Iron Grate-
Pit Boss Heat Deflector-
Ash Tool-
Gill grate lifting tool-
Char Griller Akorn Jr-
Akorn Jr heat deflector 3rd party-
Weber chimney starter-
BECUTE Stainless Steel Meat Seasoning Injector-
Felt Furnature Pads-
Charcoal Basket Link-
Pink Butcher Paper-

Rubs and Spices I use:
Bad Byron’s Butt Rub (26 oz.)-
Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub 12 Ounce-
Old Bay-
Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce-

Video/camera gear I use:
Nikon D3200-
GoPro Hero 5-
GoPro Session 4-
Lavalier (for better audio (can be noticed in newer videos))-

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