Finding Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Online

Finding Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Online

Five tips for comparing cheap auto insurance quotes and saving money
These days it’s easy to get an online quote for cheap auto insurance. Many companies, including Nationwide Insurance®, let you compare policies and prices online. Here’s what to look for when searching for cheap car insurance quotes online.

1. Look for discounts
Many insurers will give you discounts on your car insurance for reasons such as having a good driving record or insuring multiple cars with the same company. Some companies, like Nationwide, offer even more discounts to help you achieve a cheap car insurance quote.

2. Get involved in a group
Nationwide offers affinity discounts on car insurance for customers belonging to qualifying organizations. Farm Bureau members may earn additional savings in selected states. You could also save up to 15% if you are a policyholder with Nationwide for at least five years.

3. Make your car safe
The type of car you drive can affect how cheap your car insurance quote is. If your car has an anti-theft device, full front-seat airbags or restraint devices that work automatically when your door closes, you may get a discount. And you may earn defensive driver discounts when you successfully complete an approved motor vehicle accident prevention course.

4. Compare the coverage options in your policy
Make sure that you can customize your cheap online car insurance quote with different coverage options to suit your budget and needs. These options include liability insurance, collision or comprehensive coverage, or uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

5. Do a little research
Nationwide offers additional resources to help you save on your cheap online auto insurance quote. Visit the Auto Insurance Resource Center where you’ll find a variety of tips and ideas to help enhance your driving and insurance experiences. And our On Your Side® Review is a free insurance assessment that ensures you have the coverage you need and discounts that may be applicable.


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