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Attorney David C. McKenzie III began his career prosecuting criminal cases, including DUI. He brings that experience, along with his experience as a tried and true defense attorney, to the client in defense of his or her DUI charges. For benefit of the client, the McKenzie Law Firm, P.C. offers a flat fee arrangement for representation in your Pennsylvania DUI case. This means that no matter the length or complexity of your case you will have no surprise legal fees.

A Norristown criminal lawyer can help you with a criminal case in the state of Pennsylvania. An experienced and dedicated criminal defense lawyer can assemble a good defense for you and will try to ensure that the prosecution either has to reduce or drop your charges. If you have been arrested for allegedly committing a crime in Pennsylvania don’t expect to be treated kindly, as Pennsylvania’s crime penalties are some of the harshest in the country.

The sorts of crimes that are punished with stiff penalties include:

• Domestic violence
• Vehicular manslaughter
• Hit and run or Leaving the Scene of an Accident
• Assault and Battery
• Driving while license is suspended
• Robbery and Burglary

Many of these crimes mentioned are in fact a group of related crimes. The penalties attached to any of the individual crimes may vary tremendously because of differences in their severity. A second or third conviction for the same type of crime will also mean much greater potential penalties if a conviction is upheld.

Whatever you have been accused of, you must have a good defense as this is the key if you want to ensure that your criminal charges are successfully defended in court. Everybody who is charged of an offense in this country is innocent until proven guilty and is entitled to certain constitutional rights when accused of even a heinous crime.Hiring a dedicated and experienced Norristown criminal attorney will ensure that your version of the events leading up to crime is heard by the prosecution. If an accurate account is not presented then don’t expect any sympathy or help from the prosecution. It is their job to prosecute as it shows they are able to handle and punish criminals that are assumed to thrive in our communities.

You must hire a Norristown, Pennsylvania criminal attorney the minute you are arrested and not say anything to your arresting police officer. It is your legal right to have a criminal attorney in Norristown by your side. Your arresting officer or any other law enforcement officer present at the police station when you are arrested has the right to take down anything you say in their presence and use it as evidence in court. You may be upset and flustered after the event and say things you might regret. Don’t forget that you and your defense lawyer have an attorney-client privilege which does protect you, as anything you say to your lawyer is confidential. You will need to be as honest as you can, as it is far easier to successfully defend honest information.

A good defense lawyer in Norristown, Pennsylvania will have the experience to aggressively defend you with good counter arguments and will also skillfully cross examine any witnesses presented by the prosecution.You may think that you can defend yourself. However, hiring a criminal attorney in Norristown will give a far better opportunity to mount a successful defense than if you ever tried to defend yourself. Self defense in a criminal court is much more likely to fail as prosecutors never have the intention of communicating with defendants who intend to represent themselves. If, at the commencement of the trial, you are unable to prove to the judge that you have a basic knowledge of legal skills, then legal counsel will be appointed anyway. It is far better in the first place to hire an experienced Norristown criminal attorney so that you have a strong defense ready for the judge and jury.

A Norristown, Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer has many roles which include:

• Working with the prosecution in the negotiation of deals, such as the lowering of penalties and the reducing of charges.
• Supporting defendants who might be afraid of the case’s outcome
• Providing defendants with solid, useful advice regarding the potential outcome of the case if you are proven to be guilty.
If you, or someone you know, have been arrested for a crime in Norristown, then you shouldn’t delay, but hire a Norristown defense attorney immediately. You will need every bit of help you can get to avoid the harsh penalties imposed on those charged with a crime in Pennsylvania.


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