DIY Ford F150 Stuck Heater Hvac Vents Repair

USA link for a F150 Service Manual
Canadian link for f150 service manual

In this video you will learn to
1 remove a dashboard from a f150
2 remove and install a speedometer
3 remove and install a passenger side air bag

This video if for those people like myself who have experienced the dreaded stuck vents in a f150 pickup truck. This is usually cause by 80 percent of the time that the foam on your mode door has fallen off and got jammed in the door. The dealership wants about a 1000 bucks to do this job. With this video and a few beers will you be able to do it yourself and save that money for hookers and blow.
The other option is if you watch my video I will post a video response below so that you can test your actuator and see if that is shot.

if your really motivated you can do this easily in a day or a weekend, I didn’t care and worked on it for a hour or 2 a night to get it done. this easiest way to do this job is not to remove the whole dash like i tried to but instead just remove the bolts to the metal frame and a few other things to pull the dash away a few inches so you can grab access to the cover that covers the mode door. from there you will be able to see what is wrong.

One thing that pisses me off is when people say it’s the blend door…… the blend door is for the mixture of hot and cold hence the name blend door. it’s a mode door got it………


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