Cows wait in transport truck as heads & skins loaded into trucks

Making money off the suffering of others is wrong.

Cows wait in transport truck outside “St. Helen’s Meat Packers” as cow heads and guts are loaded into Rothsay rendering truck headed for Rothsay plant in Dundas, Ontario, and Banks Bros & Son truck pick up cow skins for tannery down the street of “St. Helen’s” and “Ryding-Regency” slaughterhouses on Glen Scarlett road. Members of Toronto Cow Save bear witness of the cows as the atrocity of their brothers and sisters dismembered parts are within view.

Mary-Chris Staples says, “I think if any sane person saw this, they could not believe anything, but that it’s wrong. No one can see what we’re seeing today and think ‘it’s ok.'”

Please join us and bear witness of cows being sent to Toronto’s slaughterhouses.

Video by Anita Krajnc
Interview: Mary-Chris Staples; with Julie O’Neill at Rothsay’s
Film clip of head rolling into truck at Ryding-Regency “Meat Packers” slaughterhouse by: Agnes Cseke
Artwork May Brand, Edina Racz, and Louise Jorgensen
Thank you to Culture & Animal Foundation for generous funding


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