Buy the best Dodge trucks – 1949 DODGE SERIES B1 PICKUP TRUCK – ” PILOT HO– USE ” CAB #Buy #Dodge #Trucks

The B-series pickup trucks were sold from 1948-1953. They replaced the prewar Dodge Truck and were replaced by the Dodge C Series in 1954. The B Series trucks came in several different variants. The B1-B were ½ ton trucks standard with a 95 horsepower flathead-straight-six engine while the B1-C were ¾ ton trucks with a standard 108 horsepower flathead-straight 6 engine. It also came in several other variants such as the B1-T and B1-V which were semi-truck cabs and vans, respectively. A woodie version, the “Suburban”, was also available from outside companies. The B Series trucks featured a high-visibility “pilot-house” cab with optional rear quarter windows. The engine was shifted forward and the front axle moved back on the frame for better weight distribution as well as a shorter wheelbase, moving from 116 inch to 108 inch. The cargo bed sides were made higher to increase capacity by 40%. The redesigned cab could seat three people, with 2.5 inches more in height, six inches more width, and 3 inches additional in length. The cab was mounted on rubber mounts for an improved ride. Another innovation for the time was the use of cross-steering arrangement, giving the trucks a 37 inch turning radius. The cargo box space was increased over previous models and overload springs made optional on all variants to increase hauling capacity. In 1950, more new features were added as the 3-speed manual shift lever was relocated to the steering column instead of on the floor. A fluid drive standard transmission, with 3 or 4 speeds, became an available option. The front end and dashboard/gauge layout were redesigned for 1951. 1953 was the last year of the Pilot-house, but brought many new changes. The Truck-O-Matic transmission, a fully automatic transmission was available for 1/2 and 3/4 ton models. A longer 7 foot 6 inch bed became available, which would increase the wheelbase to 116 inches. And the new wide “step-style” rear fenders were added, which would continue to be used by Dodge up until the 1980s. This new ” pilot house ” cab was roomier and more comfortable with extra glass that afforded a 360 degree vision. The split front glass was four inches wider and three inches taller. A beefier frame helped balance any load that it could carry. Sales of this new Dodge truck increased especially since the Dodge truck had an updated design. Features on this Dodge include a three – bar chrome grille with chromed flange on the hood front. The Dodge Ram hood ornament. Dodge hubcaps are surrounded by, yeah !, black wall tires. The flat dash shows large round gauges and naugahyde seating for three. Wood slats are found on top of the cargo bay and the cargo bay itself shows off restored wood bed anchored with stainless strips. There are nine colors to chose from this year: Armour Yellow, Dark Green, Dodge Truck Blue, Dodge Truck Red, Equador Blue, Judson Green, Panama Sand, Seawolf Green, and Waterway Blue. This Dodge is, of course, is finished professionally in Dodge Truck Red. Thanks very much for viewing this 1949 Dodge Series B1 pickup truck.


Buy the best Dodge trucks – 1949 DODGE SERIES B1 PICKUP TRUCK – ” PILOT HO– USE ” CAB #Buy #Dodge #Trucks

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