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Addison Legal are a specialised firm of personal injury lawyers set up by Greg Yates,who has over 15 years experience in all types of injury claims and recovering compensation for accident victims, as well as a Bachelor of Law degree, a Masters degree in International Law and a Diploma in Personal Injury Litigation. Your interests are therefore in safe hands. The practice is based in the Manchester area with a majority of our clients from Marple, Stockport and Preston, but we represent clients from all over the UK. With our network of operatives all over the country, visiting you at home to talk about your injury claims can be easily accommodated. We also guarantee 100% of your Injury claims compensation, and do not ask you to sign a loan or credit agreement. The only cover you may need is insurance in case you lose, as out opponents will then require
their legal costs to be paid. We will organize this for you, unless you already have legal expense insurance of your own, on your car or home insurance, or perhaps even via cover on your credit card. We understand the trauma an accident can sometimes bring. How are you going to cope without a car?
How can you make ends meet whilst you are not able to work? do you have to live with this pain?
What medical assistance should you need?
We have the answers to help you, like being able to supply you with a free courtesy car.
Types of claims
Injury’s And Claims That We Can Cover
Road Traffic Accident, as a Driver or Passenger
Trip on a Pavement, in a Shop or a Work
An Accident at School
An Assault or Criminal Attack
A Slip or trips in a Shop, at Work or Anywhere
Crashes involving a Hit & Run Driver
General Accident Claims
An Accident on a bus
Pedestrian’s involved in Car Accident’s
Accident’s caused by a Defective Product
Get in touch with Greg at Addison Legal to make a claim now, and put your interests in safe hands.
In a “no win, no fee” agreement, a solicitor is only entitled to be paid if he wins all or part of your case, and his fees are normally paid by the loser or his insurance company. It does not come out of any compensation you are awarded. If the case is lost, the solicitor loses too, and he has to accept the loss. We will not ask you to pay for anything — insurance policies, medical expenses, court costs, or anything else — and will finance your claim free and without exception. We also guarantee your compensation will be paid to you in full, 100% with absolutely no deductions.
Insurance compensation
Your Injury claims compensation is assessed in accordance with the injuries you have sustained and in accordance with a medical report which is usually needed to document your injuries. This award is known as general damages, to compensate you for your initial pain and suffering, as well as for any continued problems you may suffer which you have not suffered previously. It also covers loss of amenity for not being able to do the things you would ordinarily do, like play sports or enjoy hobbies.Injury Claims
If you are likely to be continually affected from your injury and you cannot work, you are entitled to be compensated for disadvantage on the labour market. Even if only temporarily incapacitated, you can claim your loss of earnings, including possible loss of overtime and bonuses. We can even calculate loss of pension rights for you.
In a car crash, you can also claim for the write-off value or cost of repairs to your car, the cost of a replacement or hire car, even property damaged in your car. We will sort all of this out for you, and we can even arrange for a car to be delivered to your door if your car is not drive able or unsafe.
You can also claim for travelling expenses, the cost of painkillers and medicine, as well as other miscellaneous expenses which you have only incurred because of the accident. If you think you have an expense you want to claim for, just tell us and we will advise you.

Free Legal Cover
With free legal cover from Addison Legal there’s no need to ever take out legal expense insurance again!
We guarantee all your legal expenses, even your medical fees and court fees which we have to pay for you.
There’s nothing to pay at all whilst your case is running, and the other side’s insurance company will pay your legal fees at the end of the case, so you can sleep soundly with Addison Legal providing free legal cover also.


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