2018 Chevy Colorado Redline Road Trip

I’d wanted to take my oldest daughter on a road trip for some time now. She’s turning 11 this year, entering junior high, and with a lot of changes at home, I thought it would be the perfect excuse to show her America from the road and spend some quality time bonding.

When Chevrolet told us it had a Colorado Redline in Detroit that needed to get out to the West Coast and wondered if we were interested in a road trip over Father’s Day weekend, we jumped at the opportunity. In fact, it was one of those rare chances to show her what Dad gets to do for work. The timing was perfect.

Starting from Detroit, we worked our way through the Midwest over four days, with the mission of covering as much ground as possible while hitting every worthwhile roadside attraction along the way. From the “World’s Largest” things in Casey, Illinois, to a fire-breathing dragon in Indiana, we kept piling on the miles, making sure to check off the St. Louis Gateway Arch, eat some barbecue at Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que, and down milkshakes at famous Milt’s in Moab, Utah, before taking a turn toward Four Corners Monument on the way home. By the time we reached Southern California on Father’s Day evening, we notched 11 states in our belt, including four at once, and rolled the Chevy’s wheels to the tune of an impressive 2,726 miles.

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  |   Waiting for us at the airport in Detroit was our ’18 Chevrolet Colorado Redline Special Edition 4×4, gassed up and ready for an adventure.

Overall, the Colorado impressed with its just-right size, comfortable cab, and fuel-efficient 3.6L V-6 and eight-speed automatic combination. Whether it was the Eisenhower Tunnel at 11,158 feet or our sea-level destination, the gas V-6 always had plenty of power and did what we asked of it. The EPA label is 17/19/24, but through our trip we consistently saw numbers in the low 20s. We also loved the SiriusXM and Chevy’s integration of CarPlay, which made navigation, phone calls and texts, and playing from the iPhone a simple and intuitive affair. Despite highway speeds, mountain climbs, and fierce headwinds through the California desert, the Colorado delivered an impressive real-world figure of 22 mpg while crossing the country. We also can’t say enough about the confortable front seats, which were put to use 20-plus hours at a time.

With a base price of $33,775 and options, including the Redline Special Edition package (spray on bedliner, 18-inch wheels, off-road steps, red tow hooks, and blacked-out exterior trim for $2,725), bumping our nicely equipped loaner up to $40,025, the Colorado can be built to just about any budget. We’d even go out and say it’s the perfect machine for a road trip across Middle America.

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  |   Before leaving town, we had to stop by all the Detroit attractions, including Comerica Park (go Angels!).

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  |   After driving all night, we were presented with an amazing Midwest sunrise somewhere over Indiana.

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  |   To draw visitors to their small town (a few miles off Interstate 70), the folks of Casey, Illinois, have built many world-record-sized objects, including the world’s largest pencil.

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  |   The world’s largest rocking chair failed to fit in the 61.2-inch bed of our Colorado Crew Cab.

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  |   At the heart of every good road trip is doing something you’ve never done before; for example, standing in a cornfield for the first time.

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  |   The fire-breathing Kaskaskia dragon in Vandalia, Illinois, is worth the stop. Tokens to make it breathe fire can be bought in the convenience store across the street.

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  |   With as many as 20 hours a day driving, my passenger was happy to have access to Chevy’s 4GLTE Wi-Fi at her disposal.

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  |   2018 Chevy Colorado Redline Road Trip Side

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  |   The St. Louis Gateway Arch was another item crossed off our road trip to-do list.

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  |   Unfortunately, we were running behind schedule and missed the operating hours of Truckhenge in Topeka, Kansas, by just a few minutes.

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  |   Colorado the truck meet Colorado the state. Crossing the Continental Divide is always a treat, and the Colorado handled the grades and altitude with ease.

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  |   You can’t go through Moab, Utah, without stopping at famous Milt’s Stop N’ Eat for a burger and a milkshake.

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  |   Road warriors gotta eat! Waffle House is a must-stop along the highways of America, and one of us got to experience it for the first time.

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  |   2018 Chevy Colorado Redline Road Trip

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  |   While all good road trips must eventually come to an end, we will always appreciate the seemingly endless ribbons of asphalt and all the little adventures that come along with following it.

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