2013 Dodge SRT Viper || Canadian International Auto Show || Unique Chrysler


We visited the 2013 Canadian International Auto Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and checked out the 2013 Dodge SRT Viper. An absolute show stopper. We couldn’t get shots of the interior, but pictures are available on Dodge’s website!

Visit Unique Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram SRT today, we are located just west of Oakville/Mississauga in the Greater Toronto Area. Call us at 905.631.8100.


• 8.4L V10, Viper’s most powerful engine yet with
an estimated 640 HP
• Delivers 600 lb-ft torque, highest of any
naturally aspirated engine
• Lightweight body and structure optimized with
carbon fibre, aluminum, and magnesium
• Overall weight and engine improvements
resulting in 4.91 lb/hp*
• Four-mode dynamic chassis management*
• Two-mode suspension system*
• Multiple crafted interior finishes including
hand-stitched leather
• Harman Kardon
19-speaker audio system*
• Uconnect™ 8.4A with a 8.4-inch touch-screen
• High-definition 7-inch customizable cluster
display with performance pages

• 8.4L V10 Engine with an estimated 640 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque
• New composite intake manifold, lighter forged pistons, stiffer pushrods, a revised
camshaft profile, sodium-cooled exhaust valves and freer-flowing exhaust catalysts
• Tremec
TR6060 close ratio six-speed manual transmission with a final drive ratio of
3.55 to 1 for improved high speed performance with a 12.5% shorter shift throw than the
previous model
• New lighter aluminum flywheel reduces 400 metre (quarter-mile) times by an additional
• New lighter and stiffer frame structure uses high-strength steel,magnesium, aluminum
and carbon fibre
• Stability control with four modes on GTS Viper and two modes on the core SRT Viper
work with launch control to optimize acceleration from a stop
• Four wheel independent suspension , performance coil springs, gas charged aluminum
body Bilstein
monotube dampers and tubular stabilizer bars all contribute to the race type suspension system
• 14-inch vented rotors with front and rear Brembo® four piston calipers
• NewTrack Package includes two piece brake rotors, ultra light weight wheels and Pirelli
Corsa competition tires for a nearly 50 pound weight reduction
• Timeless exterior design incorporates iconic Viper styling cues in a
contemporary execution
• Dual side sport exhaust
• New hood features the classic Viper cold-air intake.Air temperature is only 10 degrees
above ambient at the intake
• An optimally sized front air intake incorporates front brake ducts with
enhanced surfacing for more efficient brake rotor/caliper cooling with less drag
• The resigned hood, roof and lift gate are made of advanced ultra-lightweight, state-of-the art carbon fibre panels that are on average 50 to 60 percent lighter than the
previous model
• Sabelt cloth clam shell configured seats
• Driver’s seat is mounted 20mm lower, and is height adjustable to suit
virtually any driver when combined with adjustable pedals
• 7-inch LED-backlit electronic vehicle information display (EVIC) provides a high-definition
view of vehicle performance feedback to the driver
• Steering wheel-mounted controls include, EVIC, audio, cruise, Bluetooth
enabled phone, Electronic Stability Control with Launch Control


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1991 Dodge Ram 350 12′ Box Truck, 106,505 odometer mileage, VIN# 1B6WE3650MS355460, 5.9 Liter V-8Read More

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