2003 Ford F150 lost spare tire key fix

For a few years Ford put locks on the spare tire, which is frustrating if you lose the key. Ford doesn’t make the keys anymore so dealers may tell you to drill the lock and replace the winch or some such thing, very expensive.
If the tire is not already off, get a 15mm bolt extraction socket, looks like a socket wrench but with special grippers inside for removing a bolt with a stripped head. Stick that on a long extender and use it to winch down the tire.
Then follow this video to remove the winch assembly and get the lock off, and from now on you will be able to get the spare tire off using the end of the tire iron / jack handle that’s stored under your hood.
Your tire won’t be “locked”, but really, who would go to all that bother to steal a spare? If they really want your tire they’ll use a jack and just take a tire.


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