1968 Dodge D500 Dump Truck Restoration Project Introduction

This project is going to happen in two phases:
1) The first is just focused on getting everything working and putting it into service to work out all the kinks. During this phase most of the modifications planned for the truck will be accomplished and tested.
2) The second phase will be to tear it down as much as possible to do a virtual “frame up” restoration once all the repairs and modifications have been tested and proven. It is not our intention to restore this as a “show vehicle”, it will get used as a dump truck on a regular basis, so the focus of the restoration will be to modernize, renovate and update everything to today’s standards (or better) for a full time utility vehicle that will see actual use.

This is my first effort into an introductory video for the salvage and restoration of a 1968 Dodge D500 Dump Truck, so this first video is a brief pictorial overview summarizing status up to date.

The main objective initially is to restore the truck to service because it is badly needed for our farm. However the long term objective will be to completely restore and update the truck from the frame up as much as possible. It will probably become a “keeper”, remaining in our family.

Currently it has a 318 poly engine which I have revived back to life, but the long term plan currently is to update the truck by retrofitting it with a Cummins BT6 engine along with necessary drivetrain upgrades.
Other planned modifications include LED lighting, overdrive transmission, automated tarp system, etc.
When the project started we only took pictures initially, however following videos will be more detailed videos, not just picture shows.


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