1948: The new Ford gets a clean mental and physical bill of health


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It took awhile for the Detroit automotive manufacturers to get back into full civilian-production mode after World War II, and so Ford continued to sell increasingly antiquated cars based on the not-exactly-cutting-edge 1941 Ford platform through the 1948 model year. The ’49 Ford was a big leap into the future, with its modern coil-spring independent front suspension and nothing-like-prewar lines … but the ’48s had to be sold, and here’s a magazine ad touting that car’s features.

1948 Ford Magazine Advertisement

“There may be a Ford in your suture, I mean future!”

This dialogue between the doctor — maybe he’s a head-shrinker, maybe he’s an ordinary croaker — and the anthropomorphized 1948 Ford veers into creepiness right away, with the apparently self-driving Ford suggesting that the doctor do the parking (in the office). The doctor learns that the ’48 Ford has great reflexes, gets around and is a precocious extrovert. The whole exchange is sort of disturbing, in part because we all know how much better the 1949 Ford would be.

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